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Baby Nasal Aspirator™ ∣ Safe and Hygienic Electric Nose Sucker

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Make it easier for your baby to breathe!

Does your baby have trouble breathing because of the clogged mucus? No problem! With our Baby Nasal Aspirator™, you can help your baby breathe easier. It is a smart innovation that you can use to create safe and quick suction to suck out mucus and clear your baby's stuffy nose so they can breathe without obstruction.


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Excess mucus that bothers your baby occurs in a variety of forms and for different reasons, including fever, allergies, colds, or other viral infections. Thanks to the Baby Nasal Aspirator™, clearing excess mucus is easier and more convenient than grossly sucking it directly from the baby's nose through the mother's mouth. 


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Unlike adults, infants cannot blow their noses to clear any mucus that collects and blocks their nostrils, resulting in trouble breathing, feeding problems, or being constantly awake. Worry no longer, because the Baby Nasal Aspirator™ safely and efficiently removes mucus from the baby's nostrils without damaging the delicate mucous membranes. A baby with a clear nose means a child who is easier to feed and sleeps better, resulting in less stress for the mother and a happier home for everybody!





  Provide Ultimate Comfort - Babies are prone to illness, which can lead to nasal congestion, and the inability to clean their nasal passages causes great discomfort. That’s where our Baby Nasal Aspirator™ comes in to help clear nasal passages effectively so babies can breathe, sleep and eat comfortably.

 ✔ Safe and Hygienic - Baby Nasal Aspirator™ comes with two (2) food-grade silicone tips to suit your child's need—a gourd tip for newborn babies and a funnel tip for children over 2 years old. They are super soft and skin-friendly, are sized to fit your baby’s little nose to prevent discomfort, and are free from any peculiar smell.

 ✔ Fast and Effective Relief - It adopts the most advanced vacuum suction technology to ensure powerful yet gentle suction and five-level adjustment to solve most of the baby's nose problems. It clears your baby's congested nose quickly and easily—in 30 seconds or less for maximum relief!

 ✔ Anti-Backflow & Easy to Clean - It is a smart alternative to traditional bulb syringes and a popular tool among parents for making their children's lives easier. Thanks to the innovative anti-reflux design that helps prevent the snot from flowing back into the nose and the detachable design for convenient cleaning.

 ✔ Reliable and Portable - It is an electric baby nasal aspirator that is portable and has a large battery capacity that can be trusted to last longer when fully charged, ensuring that it is always available when your baby needs it. It makes breathing a lot easier for your baby and more stress-free for you!


 Your package includes:

  • 1 x Baby Nasal Aspirator™
  • 2 x Suction Nozzle
  • 1 x Charging Cord




99.3% of our customers recommend the Baby Nasal Aspirator™, which you get with a 14-day risk-free guarantee.

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If you are not satisfied with the Baby Nasal Aspirator™, we will provide you with a suitable solution thanks to our satisfaction guarantee.

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