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Pop all your stress and worries away

The best of sensory toys for adults & kids gaming in your hands, play hundreds of Immersive gaming levels, you can comfortably play all day long

Once you get your hands on this Handheld Portable Gaming Console, you will be hooked. Our POP ME! are designed for everyone, young and old - from corporate executives to students and everyone in between.

Excellent way to calm the mind

Life can be crazy sometimes; wouldn't it be nice to be able to calm your mind when you reach the boiling point? These pop fidgets can help. They help calm stress, anxiety and runaway thoughts and steer your mind away from what's bothering you.

Such a Satisfying Pop Sound

That oh-so-satisfying sound that bubble wrap makes when you pop it is so much fun and addictive. That's what you get with this toy, but the popping sound is much more satisfying and louder! Each toy makes a popping sound on both sides!

We are on a mission to improve lives

You know that wonderful feeling you get when you find a product that adds so much value to your life? That's what we strive for with every product we make here at Johan & John. If this simple toy helps you in any way, we consider it a mission



Selection mode: Key selection, Confirmation Back button
Mode selection button (a total of four modes, across hundreds of game levels, corresponding to lights)



Tips: When the game starts, wait until the lights come on and the sound ends, press the keys in the order of the lights on, the game fails, there is no score, return to the start mode, and wait to start again. In non-game mode, the level can be selected via the second light key.


Tips: The more lights go out within 1 minute, the higher the score (up to 100 points), but it will be fast and steady. Once you make a mistake, the game fails and you have no score. Return to the starting state and wait for a restart. In the no-game state, you can retrieve the highest score using the third light button (the highest score is erased when the battery is removed).


Tips: As the number of levels increases and the number of lights increases, the limit time is reduced. If the lights are not turned off within the limit time and the back button is pressed, the game fails and the failed player is penalized. The game returns to the starting position and waits for a restart.



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