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The Magic Cleaning Mop | Fast Absorbing & Self Draining

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A Smarter Way To Clean Your Home: Get Clean Floors in 2 Minutes

Want a clean floor but don't want to put in the effort? Get the Magic Cleaning Mop! This Magic Mop is extremely absorbent, so you don't have to drag buckets of dirty water around the house! With the uniquely developed self-draining system, you don't have to get your hands dirty ever again! Make your floors shine like new in 2 minutes!

The Magic Self-Draining Mop is an ingenious cleaning tool that allows you to cut the time you spend on housework in half! The Motto of the Magic Mop is: Clean Smarter, Not Harder! The sponge has a self-cleaning feature which makes the dirt come off easily. You don't have to get your hands dirty on old mops and sponges ever again!


The multi-purpose sponge of this clever cleaning gadget has multiple unique features that makes cleaning so much easier. The sponge enables you to reduce household chores to a minimum. The sponge is double-sided and can be used both ways to clean up dirt. It has a specially developed ribbed structure, which allows it to clean up all types of stubborn dirt in one swipe! The antibacterial sponge leaves your floors spotlessly clean!

Why Customers LOVE The Magic Cleaning Mop:

Extremely Fast Absorbing:
The Magic Mop has an extremely absorbent Sponge that can take up as much as 10 times its original weight in water! You can clean your floor and remove all types of dirt in one stroke!

  Self-Draining Mop: 
The mop's sponge folds and unfolds effortlessly in a snap. You don't have to bend down to use it, simply extend the rod and get on with your cleaning. Your hands won´t ever become dirty again!

 Self-Cleaning Sponge: the sponge of the Magic Mop is what makes this gadget so special! The sponge is highly absorbent, but also super easy to clean! Just hold it wonder water and squeeze the handle, and you're good to go! Due to the ribbed structure of the sponge, the dirt is easily removed from the sponge. The antibacterial property of the sponge, makes it immediately usable, without getting your hands dirty.

Remove All Dirt In 1 Stroke:
Floor cleaning has never been this smooth. Due to its double-sided use, the Magic Mop is super versatile and can be used for anything! Because of the specially developed ribbed structure of the sponge, it removes all dirt in 1 stroke! 

✓  Suitable For All Surfaces: The Magic Mop sponge is suitable for all types of surfaces like (uneven) tiles, parquet, laminate, and more! It doesn't matter what type of floor or tile you have in your home. Just pull out your smart mop and put on your heated sponge to start cleaning your home. 



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